Public Speaking Training Session by Anurag Aggarwal
Public Speaking Training Session by Anurag Aggarwal


Basically, what is Public Speaking?

Public Speaking is the process of speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, or entertain listeners. The purpose of Public Speaking is not just transmitting information but also to motivate people to act and convince them to your point of view.

Who will be the trainer?

All the sessions of the public speaking, personality development and presentation skills course will be taken by the main public speaking trainer Mr. Anurag Aggarwal along with his a co-trainer Ms. Swati Sachdeva.

Since when the trainer (Mr. Anurag Aggarwal) has been giving public speaking trainings?

Mr. Anurag Aggarwal has been giving training on public speaking, personality development and presentation skills for over 13.5 years now.

What is the general profile of the trainees? or What kind of people undertake this public speaking course?

People from all sections of the society undertake this public speaking course, keeping in mind the basic fact that, this course is a prerequisite for everybody in today's societal strata. Our students hail from various sections of the society, ranging from managerial to marketing, political to personal, corporate to company houses. They are of the following designations:

  • Professionals( CAs, Doctors,Lawyers, IT professionals)
  • Marketing leaders
  • Corporate marketing executives
  • Businessmen
  • Managers
  • CEOs and directors of the companies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Politicians
Do you provide certificates after completion of the public speaking, personality development and presentation skills course?

Yes. After the successful completion of the public speaking and personality development course, we provide a certificate proclaiming the same under the guidance of the trainer, Mr. Anurag Aggarwal from Anurag Aggarwal Institute of Public Speaking.

Is this a certified public speaking training institute?

Yes. This is an ISO certified public speaking training institute, certified under 9001:2000 mark. And therefore is completely authenticated.

Do you have any short term courses?

For your convenience, we permit participation at our other centers in quick succession. That way you can complete your Public Speaking course in one month or at your own pace.

What exposures do you provide in your Public Speaking course?

For you to get the best out of our Public Speaking course, we provide you with maximum benefits such as:

  • We provide you with a platform of at least 15 students.
  • We encourage inter-batch participation and competitions every four months that are held in large halls like FICCI and Sirifort auditorium.
  • Facing lights and camera is a challenge for people in electronic media as they usually suffer from mikophobia and glossophobia (stage fright or fear of public speaking). We arrange all these public address equipments to let you experience and familiarize yourself at our behalf.
Can the payment for the public speaking course be made in installments?

There are no installments or late payments. It is onetime payment payable at the time of registration for the public speaking course. Prices are not negotiable and are subject to change.

What are the modes of payment?

Payment can be made through Cash/credit card/ Pay order/ Electronic fund transfer. Draft must be drawn in the name of M/s Navchetna.

How many public speaking training sessions are given in a week?

Each batch of the public speaking and personality development course has one session in a week. But, you may take more sessions by attending the classes of other batches.

What is the provision for back up sessions?

During the 100 sessions for the 24 months public speaking and personality development course, if you miss out on any number of sessions, due to personal or professional obligations, there is a provision for back up sessions of those classes. Please speak with the public speaking trainer in this regard for more details during orientation.

Under certain circumstances, is it possible to shift from one batch of the public speaking course to the other?

Yes, one may change his center for the public speaking course but only after informing the faculty.

Are there any co-curricular activities at this public speaking training institute?

Yes,there are many co-curricular activities like trips, leadership training programs, inter-batch competitions, alumnis etc. organized from time to time by Anurag Aggarwal Institute of Public Speaking. If you have anymore queries, feel free to send
it to or .