Business Training

Our Business Training is specially designed for business owners to enhance their business skills.
DURATION: 6 months (4hrs/session)
(for business owners only)

Course Content:
Self Management
  • How to run office without going (Auto Pilot)
  • Building Memory to remember all activities and names 
  • How to delegate and deputise work
  • How to make your vendors happy
  • Negotiation skills
  • How to convince people to your point of view
  • Investments. Investments. Investments.
  • How to lead people without getting offended
  • How to improve your standard of living
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Social work.
  • Developing relations with judges, Lawyers, CAs, Bureaucrats, MPs, HNIs, MLAs, and successful people
Employee Management
  • Employees come employees go; business will not be affected.
  • Employees don't work" will be thing of the past.
  • Employees tracking systems
  • How to manage the managers
  • How to secure your data (Confidentiality of data)
Time Management
  • How to do 72 hours of task in 24 hrs and remain free.
  • How to accomplish your to do list.
Customer Management
  • A happy customer is your agent for ever.
  • How to set up efficient "customer care"
  • How to improve your relations with customers
  • "Payment in time" mechanism
  • How to have zero-defect, zero-loss lead system
Sales and Marketing
  • How to increase you sales
  • To have new customers in huge quantity
  • How to bring customers from Website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
  • How to start branches, shops and offices all over India
  • How to create competition between teams to increase sales
Production Management
  • How to reduce your production cost
  • What to outsource and what not to!
Brand Management
  • How to earn name-fame-image
  • How to organise off-site and on-site seminars yourself
  • Product launches, customer meetings
  • MDs-HODs-CEOs Off-Site meetings
  • How to hire a PR company/PR executives
Cost Saving Management
  • How to employ "work from home" candidates all over the country
  • How to employ staff in less cost
  • How to save lakhs and crores of experiments